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The Department of Technology Electrical and Electronic System Engineering Course - Power Electronics

Professor Kosuke Kurokawa

Research on the Energy Systems that will support the 21st century - Solar Energy and New Networks.

The basic energy problems for the 21st century are problems on redistribution of energy resources because of the notable population increase and economic growth in developing countries.

At the same time, concerning global environmental issues, appropriate energy options are becoming restricted.

The increase of electrical energy utilization. This means is that the future needs of energy technology are high and competent people will be required

Facing the 21st century, I want to help young people become flexible to structural changes, creative, and become familiar with this system.

Solar Energy has a great potential to support humanity in the 21st century. To build a new network that will support society in the future, power electronics is very important.


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Solar Energy Electronic Circuits II
Energy Problems New Energy Technology
Photovoltaics Electrical Energy System Engineering

The Department of Technology
Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering Course - Power Electronics
Kurokawa Kosuke
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