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Prof. KUROKAWA's paper Conference papers and publicaations are witten by Prof. KUROKAWA.
Prof. KUROKAWA's slides Presentations by Prof. Kurokawa.
Study on evaluation method of PV system An Array simulation
An evaluation method, Sophisticated Verification (SV) method
An Array shading evaluation by using photogrammetry
A PV system integrated evaluation software
A grid connected PV system with battery
A Fluctuation characteristics of PV system
An estimation of potential of PV systems in Japan

Study on evaluation method of PV modules and cells An evaluation for PV modules on outside condtition
An evaluation of tandem PV cells on STC

Study on evaluation of irradiation An evaluation of irradiation
Farcasting mehod of irraidation by using satellite imagery

Study on stand-alone PV system A Stand-alone PV system

Study on power conditioner A new type AC inverter
A MPPT control
A Digital inverter

Study on protection of grid-conected PV system Operation Characteristics in Multiple Interconnection of Photovoltaic Power Generation System
An islanding protection
A Simulator for distribution grid

Study on resonant converters High frequency inverters

Study on very large PV system (VLS-PV) in desert Study on potential of Very-Large Scale Photovoltaic Power Generation System (VLS-PV)

New topics and concepts of PV Study on Recycling
A Reflection and Absorption PV module
A New solar simulator

Energy system Energy_System in Asia, Environmental Assessment
Energy_System in Mongoria

New energy network A Loop and mesh power flow system in utility

Study on clusterd PV system with grid D-UPFC (Distribution - Unified flow controller)
Power line router

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